Answered on: October 1, 2018


I want to hire a transit Van to drive 3 people and 3 bikes from Swansea to Fishguard on 14th June. Is it possible to do this and to leave the van in Fishguard as we won't need a return journey.


Start your search typing in Swansea. Then tick the box “Return to a different location” and type Fishguard. If then no cars are displayed at STEP2, then one way is not permitted between these locations. For one way rentals sometimes it can be a fee. This is almost always included in the total rental rate and payable at the desk on arrival.


To filter car type:- at the top of STEP2 (above the individual car photos) is a scrolling left to right car type filter, where you can filter the results by car size, for example 7,8 or 9 seaters where they are available. A credit card is required.