Answered on: February 7, 2018


Is it possible to return the car on Sunday afternoon?


If your search produces no available cars, it is possible that the return location is closed at the time or date that you entered. Therefore please adjust your return date to a date when the office is open. This will enable you to continue and make your reservation, as our website will not permit you to enter a date/time if the location is closed i.e. a Sunday. You still will be able to return the vehicle on any day at any time by using the Key Drop Box facility. So, for example, if you want to rent a car picking up 10:00 on a Friday and return 15:00 Sunday but our website does not display any available cars, adjust your return date to Monday 10:00. Normally this does not affect the price. You will be able to proceed and make your reservation, but you can return the car any time on Sunday utilising the Key Drop Box. If possible, it is best to use a laptop/pc rather than mobile device to make your search.